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There is a Premier League meeting on Thursday, where feasibly there could be a vote on the plans. That may well be delayed until all the details are ironed out, but there will absolutely be plenty of discussion among the 20 clubs.

One thing that they did retain, though, is a ‘Golden Share’, which allows them to step in with a key vote whenever they want to. Essentially, they can veto any plans and stop them from going ahead before they’ve even got off the ground.

As mentioned in the Government statement, there is a very real possibility of creating a closed shop at the top, with those below never getting the chance to ‘do a Leicester’ and break into the elite.

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That effectively will make it harder to get relegated from the Premier League, with only the bottom two guaranteed to go down, and third-bottom given a couple of extra chances to save their spot.

There are plenty asking the same question. Although he’s not part of the Premier League now, he has been previously and still holds plenty of sway. Of course, he would argue that the plans affect him and his EFL member clubs too, but it seems odd that he was consulted before 14 of the Premier League’s clubs.

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