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Here are some important factors to consider when hiring NetSuite implementation experts. What is the job description, how much does the job cost and how many years of experience are you looking for? These questions will help you decide the right candidate to join your company. Read on to learn more.

Job description

A NetSuite implementation consultant works with an internal team to implement business software solutions. The person is knowledgeable and experience in this area. The person in charge is accountable for many responsibilities. They also need strong financial and problem-solving skills. They should be able and willing to work with employees and clients at all levels. The ideal candidate must be flexible and possess at least four years’ experience in mid-market ERP systems.

A NetSuite implementation consultant should have a deep understanding of global enterprise solutions, industry best practices and design of technology. They should also be able connect with clients and ensure the solution they choose is suitable for their requirements. The implementation consultant must also be able solve technical problems and instruct clients on best techniques.

A NetSuite implementation consultant must possess excellent communication skills as well as previous experience in managing ERP projects. These projects can be complicated and time-consuming. They need to be able to remain calm and handle any difficult situation without losing their cool. A consultant should be able to build trust with clients through maintaining solid relationships.

NetSuite consultants offer continuous support and training to customers. They work with clients to implement the most recent technology in addition to providing advice and customized solutions to business challenges. They also need to evaluate the processes and systems of the client’s company and determine areas where new technologies can improve operations.

A NetSuite implementation consultant must have at least five years of experience within an IT or business environment. This will provide them with valuable experience in the field of NetSuite implementation. The consultant should be familiar with NetSuite modules and their security settings and sharing rules. The consultants should also have experience with custom fields.

The median salary for a NetSuite implementation consultant in the United States is around $78,580 per year, but this figure could be different. The highest earners can earn as high as $138,000 per year. The pay of a NetSuite implementation specialist is contingent upon the skills, experience, and location and the employer.


If you have an education in the field of business, you can find a job as NetSuite implementation consultant. The job requires a deep knowledge of NetSuite and excellent communication skills. It is also necessary to be familiarized with ERP systems. This job isn’t for those with limited or no previous experience with IT and ERP systems.

You should think about the background, skills and availability of your prospective consultant to implement your plan. Many consultants can implement other ERP systems However, you should ensure that they have experience in NetSuite ERP systems. It’s also helpful to search for industry-specific knowledge, as there are numerous companies that specialize in a specific industry.

The pay of NetSuite consultants for implementation varies according to where they reside. A consultant in Atkinson, NE will earn more than someone in New Haven, CT, for instance. It is important to consider the cost of living when considering salary and location.

A NetSuite implementation consultant may make up to $149,000. The majority of consultants earn between $75k and $199k annually. The highest-paid consultants earn over $138k a year. The salary of NetSuite consultants for implementation is contingent on the amount of experience they have as well as the location and the skill level of the individual.

Candidates must have at least one year experience working with NetSuite users prior to becoming a certified NetSuite consultant. A qualified candidate must have a strong technical background and experience in change management. They should also be able to communicate effectively and be able to work with managers at the top.

NetSuite consultants must have previous experience in global enterprise solutions, such as ERP systems and business processes. They should be able to communicate with clients and technical developers and be able to manage projects from concept to completion. They should also be able to determine the needs of the business and develop innovative solutions.

The degree of complexity of an implementation project will determine the salary of NetSuite consultants. The typical salary for an implementation consultant will vary between $150 and $225 an hour. However, larger firms will charge more for their services.

Experience is required

It is essential to have prior experience in the field before you can begin with a NetSuite installation. The best consultants are knowledgeable about NetSuite’s software and have extensive experience with NetSuite. There are two types of consultants for implementation that are functional and technical. Functional consultants aid clients in customizing the software, while a technical consultant evaluates existing processes and systems and provides suggestions on how to improve them. Functional consultants are ideal to NetSuite implementation.

Experienced NetSuite implementation consultants should be able to communicate effectively and be able of working with multiple stakeholders. They should also be detail-oriented and good at multitasking. The ideal candidate will have four or more years of experience working with ERP software and be able to manage multiple teams.

To ensure a successful implementation of NetSuite to ensure a successful implementation, it is important to choose a company that invests heavily in its people and processes. GURUS Solutions is one example of a company that actively searches for the best talent in this field. It also has a unique process that assists NetSuite implementation consultants gain relevant experience in the field.

It is vital to be certified. The best consultants have at least one year of experience in NetSuite support. Additionally, they should be knowledgeable about workflow documentation and change management. They should also be able to communicate with upper management. In general, a seasoned NetSuite consultant should have at the very least 10 years of experience. A specialist should have between two and three years experience in large-scale NetSuite implementations.

For NetSuite consultants for implementation it is essential to have extensive experience in the global enterprise solution implementation. They should be able communicate with technical experts and clients. They must be able to manage clients and teams. A thorough understanding of ERP is a must to ensure the success of implementation.

When choosing the right NetSuite partner, you must also consider their capabilities and experience. It is important to have an experience in business and relevant experiences in implementation. The partner will be a member of your team. If there is friction between the team and the external resource, the project will not be successful.


Without post-implementation support Without post-implementation support, a NetSuite implementation won’t be completed. It is crucial to find a consultant who can assist you after the go-live date however this should not be too expensive. After oracle netsuite consultant , there may be more configuration and customization modifications that must be implemented. It may also be necessary to conduct additional training sessions for users. This kind of support is usually not included in the initial price of the NetSuite implementation.

The cost of a NetSuite implementation consulting consultant will vary based upon the nature and amount of work needed. For a single business the cost could be as low as $2,500 , or up to $47,000. However, smaller companies generally cost less since they are focused on treating each client on an individual basis. Hourly rates for NetSuite implementation consultants range between $150 and $250 per hour. This can be twice that for larger businesses.

If the company you’re looking to hire has NetSuite Certified professionals, that is even better. These consultants have higher success rates and higher returns on client investment. Certified NetSuite professionals have more experience than others and are more likely to assist your business. To find the most effective NetSuite implementation consultants, look for an organization that invests in its people and process. GURUS Solutions, for example invests in its employees and has an exclusive way to find the best experts in the industry.

Before you hire a NetSuite implementation consultant, make sure to check their experience. Many have a array of backgrounds, from the IT consulting industry to software development. Others have a particular concentration on NetSuite and have added their services to complement their existing consultancies. This could create conflicts of interest.

There are two kinds of NetSuite implementation consultants: technical and functional. The former can help your business customize NetSuite and assist in integrating it into its business processes. The latter works to improve NetSuite and recommends software enhancements. They offer support that is vital to NetSuite implementation success.